• Kindergarten Resources


    It will be helpful to set up a schedule and routine for the day when you’re learning from home. There’s some suggested times for each your subjects below. Mix in some play, rest, reading, and other things you love to do. And of course, helping around the house is highly recommended too!


    Suggested Minutes Per Day  K-2  Activity
    15 Foundational Literacy Lesson focused on building phonemic awareness/phonics skills 
    15 15 minutes of independent reading 
    30 Reading/Research/Writing Lesson, Task, or Prompt focused on a particular text, genre, craft technique, or writing strategy followed by 10 minutes of independent writing based on the assignment at hand  
    30 Combination of Math Lesson, Activities, Application practice or Games focused on concepts, skills, or content of unit (i.e. number sense, computation, problem solving, etc.) 
    20 Science/Social Studies activity or lesson connected to an overarching project or topic of study. 
    Flexible Specials (PE, Music, Art, World Language, or Library)