Michigan Center School District 2023 Bond Proposal

Vote By August 8, 2023

On Tuesday, August 8, 2023 voters in the Michigan Center School District will be asked to consider a bond proposal that, if approved, would result in significant district-wide improvements specifically designed to improve air quality, comfort, and building sustainability with a 0 mill increase from the previous year.  

Michigan Center School District has maximized their own funding to complete “Phase One” of the district-wide air quality projects.  Phase One has begun at Arnold Elementary and the upstairs at Keicher Elementary.  With an estimated finish date of August 17, 2023, all of Arnold and the upstairs at Keicher will have improved temperature controls, conversion of steam to hot water (where applicable), improved efficiency, increased comfort, and the ability to remove “stale air” while bringing in fresh air into the buildings.  

The August 8 bond proposal would finance “Phase Two” of the air quality projects to include the rest of Keicher Elementary and the entire Jr/Sr High building with the goal to improve temperature controls, convert from steam to hot water (where applicable), improve efficiency, increase comfort, and remove stale air while bringing fresh air into the buildings.  

The bond proposal (August 8) is estimated to be completed WITHOUT increasing the bond debt millage from the current rate due to taxable value growth that has been experienced in the district the past several years.  The current bond millage rate is 2.90 mills.  The annual millage levied for this bond proposal is not anticipated to exceed that rate.  

The zero mill increase from the previous year would generate 6.3 million dollars earmarked for air quality improvements for Keicher Elementary and the Jr/Sr High.  If the proposal passes, the 2016 bond repayments, originally scheduled to end in 2046, would be extended to 2054.  However, the 2.90 mills is NOT estimated to go all the way through 2054 as that number (2.90) is estimated to begin declining in 2032.

For More Information Contact: Mr. Brady Cook, Superintendent 517-764-5778 or Brady.Cook@mccardinals.org