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     About the Child Care and Preschool Program   
    at Michigan Center
    Convenient hours: 6:00 am - 6:00 pm
    Open year round (except for major holidays)

    Programs are located at:
    Keicher West 133 Broad Street
    Michigan Center, MI 49254
    (517) 764-3380

    Director: Melissa Cass
    Licensed by the State of Michigan

    For Child Care and Preschool Rates contact us at 764-3380 or Melissa.Cass@mccardinals.org


    Programs we offer:
    School Year Child Care Program
    Summer Child Care Program
    Tuition Preschool - 3 year old and 4 year old
    Great Start Readiness Preschool Program


    School Year Child Care Program:
    Ages: 3 (potty trained) - 12 (6th grade) Hours: 6:00 am - 6:00 pm (Monday - Friday).
    Open year 'round - most vacations, snow days, 1/2 days, no school days (except major holidays).
    Arnold children are bussed to and from school on their school days.
    Enrollment for each school year begins in August.
    Separate school year fee required.
    All day care available, as well as before and/or after school.


    Summer Child Care Program:
    Ages: 3 (potty trained) - 12 (6th grade) Hours: 6am - 6pm (Monday-Friday).
    Field trips, special visitors, special projects, special days planned throughout the summer.
    Enrollment for summer begins in April.
    Separate summer fee required.


    Tuition Preschool Programs:
    3 and 4 year old programs.
    Must be 3 or 4 by Sept. 1st.
    Classes taught by qualified teachers. Runs from September-May, 3 half days per week.
    Enrollment begins in March of each year for the next school year.


    Great Start Readiness Preschool Program:
    Funded through the State Department of Education, free to those who qualify.
    Ages: 4 (not 5) on or before September 1st.
    Runs Mid-September through Mid-May, classes taught by qualified teachers. Four Half-days per week.
    Enrollment begins in March for following school year.

    To qualify you must meet income level and/or other requirements as set by the state.


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