• Why AR?
    Reading is one of the most important skills children will ever learn.  The child who reads well-and loves to read-will excel in school and achieve personal growth.
    The most important goal regarding Accelerated Reading (AR) is to encourage a love for reading by developing confidence through practice.  Research demonstrates that reading practice is the most important factor in a student's literacy development.  Literature-based reading practice allows students to perfect the reading skill they learn so that they can move beyond the struggle of decoding text and begin reading for learning and pleasure.  Accelerated Reading is an individualized reading program for students.  It is only one part of the total reading program at Keicher Elementary School .  We have a new Accelerated Reader Quiz Program available at Keicher Elementary with over 13,000 books.  The book levels range from 0.2 to 13.5 so we gave a wide variety of books for students to select.  We encourage students to choose books within their reading level that are of interest to them.  The love of reading will develop when students are not frustrated by the text in the books they select.  Accelerated Reading is a wonderful tool for allowing this love of reading to happen.
    Accelerated Reading has three main objectives:
    1.) To dramatically improve student reading performance, as measured by standardized tests
    2.  To improve student's critical-thinking skills
    3.  To instill in students a lifelong love of reading
    Keicher Elementary will be doing many exciting things throughout the year with Accelerated Reading and our incentives program.  You may notice very soon, if you haven't already, that your child is reading more books than usual.  Many parents, in fact, find their children's new enthusiasm for reading so contagious that they start reading more themselves-a great family activity to do together!
    If you have any questions about the Accelerated Reading Program, please do not hesitate to contact your child's classroom teacher.
    Keicher Elementary Staff
    How Does the AR Program Work?
    Select a book from the library - Based on his/her individual interests and reading levels your child chooses a book from thousands of Accelerated Reader titles.
    Read the book - Your child reads the book at his/her own pace.
    Take the test - After reading an AR book your child takes a computerized test.  Tests consist of multiple choice comprehension questions form the book.  The computer immediately scores the test, shows the number of correctly answered questions, and updates your child's record.  Points are then awarded based on how well the student did.  As the students earn points they get closer to reaching their AR goal that is set based on their own individual reading level.
    How Can I Help my Child with AR?
    Be encouraging to your child
    Continue to read to and with your child.  This reading time does not have to be just AR books
    Ask your child questions about what he or she is reading
    Locate a book using the book finder link:
    of from the online library catalog