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    My name is Kathy Cramer and I strive to be an OUTSTANDING TEACHER

    I believe an outstanding teacher has a passion for their subject area. A teacher's passion will transfer to their students and demonstrate a reason for wanting to learn.

      An outstanding teacher must have a strong desire to learn and keep current within their field. Beyond the mandated professional development and certification requirements, an outstanding teacher attends teaching conference and belongs to professional organizations. They understand that learning is a life long skill and something that needs to be continued and not just achieved.

      An outstanding teacher cares about their students and strives to connect with each one. Students who feel that the teacher cares about their feeling and show interest in them as a human being are more likely to open up to new ideas and learning.

      An outstanding teacher must be able to assess their student’s ability level and skill and then challenge those students to go beyond those levels. This can only be done through constant formal and informal assessment within the classroom.

      An outstanding teacher is organized and sets a good model for students and staff to follow. They are punctual and trustworthy and accepting of constructive criticism.