• ApplesMichigan Center Schools Food Services Department School Year 2022-2023

    We are pleased to inform you that Michigan Center Schools K-12 will be participating in the Seamless Summer Option as part of the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs for the School Year 2022-2023.

    The GREAT NEWS is that ALL students enrolled at our school can receive a healthy breakfast and lunch at NO CHARGE to your household each day.

    We still need your household to fill out and sign the Free and Reduced-Price Meal ApplicationThis form can be located by going to www.lunchapp.com. If you require a paper option, please contact Becki Nutt at 517-867-5711. This information is critical in determining the amount of money that our school receives from a variety of State and Federal supplemental programs like Title I A, At-risk (31a), Title II A, E-Rate, etc. 

    These supplemental programs have the potential to offer supports and services for our students including, but not limited to:

    • Instructional supports (staff, supplies & materials, etc.)
    • Non-instructional services (counseling, social work, health services, etc.)
    • Professional Learning for staff
    • Parent and Community engagement supplies and activities
    • Technology
    • Pandemic-EBT

    We are asking that you please complete and submit your application by going to www.lunchapp.com   as soon as possible to ensure that additional funding for our school is available to meet the needs of our students. All information on the application submitted is confidential. Without your assistance in completing and returning the attached application, our school cannot maximize the use of available State and Federal funds.

    In addition if your student is going to require any meal accommodations for the school year, the form can be located by going to www.mccardinals.org. Go to the Parent Tab, Foodservice, and the form is located on the bottom of the page.  These need to be completed by a physician and returned to Becki Nutt prior to any accommodations being made. 

    If we can be of any further assistance, please contact us at Becki Nutt @ 517-867-5711


    Becki Nutt

    FSD Michigan Center Schools

  • Financial Assistance

    If there is a need for financial assistance with school meal programs, you can apply online at www.lunchapp.com.  Once the application is reviewed, you will receive a letter indicating if the application was approved as free, approved as reduced price, or denied.  Please be aware that any benefits will begin only after the food service representative has reviewed your application.  Benefits cannot begin immediately as a determination of eligibility must be made.  Any charges to the account before the application is approved will be your responsibility.

    How to apply?

      Use our secure online application

    • Go to www.lunchapp.com
    • Read the agreement and continue.
    • Select Michigan Center School District
    • Follow the instructions for completing the questions on the application
    • Follow the instructions for submitting the application

      Students who qualify for Meal Assistance must take Full or "Combo Meals" 

    (Single, Extra entrees or snack items are NOT covered) 


    IF you are NEW to the district and received Meal Assistance from your previous school you MUST fill out a NEW Application

    - benefits do NOT transfer automatically !!!

    Please make sure you provide current contact information in case we have a question.

    Did you know? 
    • Family finance is a very personal matter and your application will be handled with confidentiality and respect.
    • Students receiving meal benefits are not identified in the service line.  Our Meal Magic software protects the identity and privacy of students.  All students use the same service line and the computer screen does not indicate which students are free or reduced-price.
    • Free and Reduce-price meals are provided with federal tax dollars.  The school district does not subsidize meals to students who qualify.
    • Michigan Center Schools, Food and Nutrition Services processes all applications, and determines eligibility using federal income guidelines and following federal regulations.

Lunch and Breakfast Menus

  • Contact Information
    Michigan Center Schools
    400 S. State St.
    Michigan Center, MI  49254
    Rebecca Nutt, Food Service Director 
    • Special Dietary Needs
      Confused about when food substitutions must be made for a student when school meals are concerned?
      If a student has a documented disability or medical issue that restricts his or her diet, the school foodservice department MUST make the substitutions as listed by a licensed medical professional (MD, DO, NP, PA) on a completed medical statement form.
      If, however, a request for food substitutions is made for a student without a documented medical issue, the school foodservice department MAY make the substitutions listed on the medical statement form signed by a recognized medical authority. Any substitution of this kind must fully meet the reimbursable meal pattern.
      It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian making the request to submit a properly filled out and documented Special Dietary Accommodation Form.
      Special Dietary Accommodation Form

    Inclement Weather

    When school is canceled due to inclement weather, the meal that was scheduled to be served on the inclement weather day will be served on the return day of school.

    Example: Tuesday is an inclement weather day. Tuesday’s menu will be served on Wednesday, the return day.


    The Michigan Center Schools Food Services Department provides healthy meals and offerings that meet the USDA Healthier, Hunger-Free Act 2010.  These offerings are expected to enhance a child's academic and physical performance and address childhood obesity issues.

    The USDA School Meals Nutrition Standards require that a variety of low fat unflavored milk or fat free flavored milk be offered, all grains must be at least 51% whole grain-rich, and students must take at least 1/2 cup of fruit or vegetable with breakfast and lunch.  Meals also must meet calorie, fat, sodium and sugar guidelines. 

    In addition to meeting the USDA guidelines for even healthier meals and offerings for your children, starting in school year 2014-15, all foods sold at school during the school day meet nutrition standards. The Smart Snacks in School regulation applies to foods sold a la carte, in the school store, and vending machines.