• PowerSchool 
       You can use PowerSchool for checking grades and attendance. For the password, it is all capital letters and the username is numbers.
       If you don't remember your user name or password,  go to your building office for this, your teachers don't have access to these.
       To get to Powerschool, you go to the student tab and got down to the last tab called "Powerschool" and click on it.  
  • Contacting Teachers/Administration 

       To find out a teachers' or administrators' contact information, look to the right of the words, “Michigan Center Schools”. Under the search bar, there is a link called “Contact Directory”.
       You then add the information needed to locate the teacher/admin you are looking for.
       For names, “starts with” is saying what their last name starts with, not first name.
  • Individual Teacher Websites 
       On the top of the page above Michigan Center Schools, there is “our schools”. Then click on the schools you want.
       For Keicher and Arnold, there is a tab called classrooms, that is where you get to specific websites for teachers.
       For the high school, there is a tab you click on called "Teacher Websites"
       At this point, not every teacher has their own website, but we are working on that. 
  •   Upcoming Events/Calendar 

       To get to Upcoming Events/District calendar, you go right from the Michigan Center Schools logo. You go below the search bar and there is a link to the District Calendar called District Calendar.

       This tells all of the sporting events, meetings for School Board and PTO, community events, and other events.

       Also, below the website pictures on the left side, there is upcoming events.

       Then if you want to know more, you go to the bottom of it and click “View Calendar”.
  •   Accelerated Reader 

       To get to this, you must go to the student tab and it is the first one. It is called Renaissance Learning (AR). Once you are there, you choose “I’m a Student” and use your username and password.
        If you do not know your username or password, students can ask their teachers or Mrs. Vandewater.

       In AR, you can take Accelerated Reader tests and Star Tests for classes.


  • How to Get to Your School's Site 
    The School’s website links are above the words, "Michigan Center Schools". The name of the tab is called "Our Schools". You click on that and then choose the school that you need.

  •  Athletics
       Underneath the Athletic tab, you can find the Athletic page (District Athletics), Historical Highlights like Cascades Conference Champs and State Champs. information about the Cardinal Club, members of the Hall of Fame, the Cascades Conference home page and find roster and other things, and then the Athletic Calendar to find out sporting events that are coming up.
       The Athletic tab is located between the "Community" and "Child Care & Preschool" tab. 
  •  Website Pictures
       For each of the different schools and on the main page, there is pictures that are in an automatic slide show. 
       You can click the arrows left and right of the pictures to go through them faster. 
       These pictures can show you events that have occurred and great things that have happened in the district.
       Each school has their own set of pictures, so look on your school's website for pictures of yourself!
  • Lunch 
       To turn in lunch money at the high school, head down by the cafeteria next to the stairs leading downstairs.
       There will be small manila envelopes and a flap to insert the envelopes.
       Before you put your money in the envelope and turn it in, you must put your first and last name along with your student id number. 
       If you do not know your student id number, you can go to the office to find out what is it.  
       1. Online

       2. Students bring $ or check and place it in their individual envelope in the classroom and then they put it in the class lunch envelope.  Class lunch envelope is then picked up each morning by lunch staff. 
       1.  Send a check written to Michigan Center Schools through the school folder in the student's back pack.  The student should turn in the money to the teacher and/or place it in their lunch pouch in the classroom.  The food service department will pick up the money and deposit into the student account.

       2.      Use sendmoneytoschool.com and make a deposit using a debit or credit card.  The parent will need to contact the school secretary for the student ID number to complete the set-up of the account.  This is the preferred method of depositing money into the account.  This program also allows the parent to see the history of lunch purchases.