Michigan Center Education Foundation
The mission of the Michigan Center Educational Foundation is to augment, enrich, and diversify the educational experiences and opportunities for the students and staff of the Michigan Center School District.
WHAT Is The Foundation?
The Michigan Center Education Foundation, founded in 2009, is a non-profit, tax exempt organization. We coordinate our efforts with the Michigan Center School District, although we are an independent charitable organization. Our Foundation Board is comprised of volunteers interested in the Michigan Center Community, along with three non-voting members from the Michigan Center School District.
Making a Difference…
Each of us has a story that helped to shape our desire to make a difference. Together, with your support, we believe we are making a difference in the lives of our students by providing for various needs that do not fall within the Michigan Center School District’s annual budget. 
HOW Are Funds Used?
Funds are used to help bridge the gap between identified needs of the school and what is actually available through state and federal funding. In order to maintain the integrity of our district’s programs as these state and federal funds continue to decrease, the need for outside support increases. This is where the Foundation steps in to assist.
Michigan Center School District staff members are eligible to apply for multiple $500 teacher mini grants that the Foundation is supporting annually.
An annual scholarship is also given on the behalf of the Foundation. The Michigan Center Education Foundation/Helen Burns Scholarship, provides one graduating Michigan Center senior $500 towards any post-secondary expenses.
Other support of student programs has been discussed and will hopefully be realized in the near future as the ability to fund projects grows for the Foundation.
HOW Can You Help?
A decision you can make today can, and will, have a lasting impact on the educational opportunities the Foundation is able to provide. We thank you for your generous contributions to the future of our children and the educational opportunities we are able to offer. 
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