• Michigan Center School District Performance Evaluation Tools & Assurances 

    The Michigan Center School District has implemented new evaluation tools for teachers, principals, and the superintendent.  The evaluation tools are consistent with the legislation in MCL 380.149 and 380.1249b.  The assurance documentation required in the legislation is included below for each of evaluation tools.


    Teacher Evaluation

    ·         Tool:    5D+

    ·         Assurances Documentation Link (http://mymassp.com/5D_teacher_evaluation_postings_and_assurances)


    Principal Evaluation

    ·         Tool:    School Advance

    ·         Assurances Documentation (click here for the principal evaluation documentation)


    Superintendent Evaluation

    ·         Tool:    MASB (to be implemented/trained in January/February 2017)

    ·         Assurances Documentation Link (http://www.masb.org/postingrequirements)