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  • Secondary Math Teacher

    Math Endorsement –EX required

    Building:  Jr/Sr High School

    Minimum Reqirements & Qualifications:    As per MCEA Labor Agreement – must meet NCLB and Highly Qualified Criteria to be considered

    Rate of Pay: As per MCEA Labor Agreement

    Procedure:  Letter of application to the attention of the Superintendent.

    Due Date:  Until Filled

    Date Available to Start:     2022/2023 School Year


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  • Jr/Sr High School Principal


    REPORTS TO: Superintendent of Schools

    SUPERVISES: JR/SR High School teachers, aides, and office staff

    JOB GOALS: The building principal is the administrative head and educational leader of the school. They are responsible for the total educational program and physical plant in compliance with policies, rules and procedures set forth in the Michigan School Code and by the local school board. Working with their staffs, principals exercise the primary leadership responsibility for improvement of instruction, curriculum development and the supervision of personnel and facilities assigned to them.

    1. Masters degree in Educational Leadership, with valid teaching certificate.
    2. Successful Teaching experience and membership on district & building committees
    3. Related job experience encompassing some of the following areas:
         a. School operation practices
         b. State & Federal laws and codes
         c. Staff development
         d. Community relations
         e. Personal management
         f. Curriculum development, implementation & evaluation
         g. School administration, school law, and counseling knowledge
    4. Possess good interpersonal relationship skills

    1. Write & speak articulately
    2. Good listening skills
    3. Sensitive, positive, enthusiastic & tactful
    4. Decisive
    5. Possess self confidence
    6. Possess problem solving and organizational skills

    A. Performs as a team member of district administration
         1. Participates in administrative staff meetings and performs assigned tasks.
         2. Implements board policies, administrative rules and procedures.
         3. Informs the Superintendent of the administrative needs and problems, personnel, instructions, school community relations and operations.
         4. Assumes Jr High Principals’ responsibility in their absence
         5. Organizes all graduation activities and lunch room management duties.

    B. Performs as a leader at the building level
         1. Plans, implements, directs, coordinates and evaluates school's curriculum and programs including policy and handbook management
         2. Develops & implements strategies which bring about curriculum development.
         3. Plans & implements staff in-services which integrate the district's core curriculum in order to  facilitate improved instruction.
         4. Promotes effective instruction & learning.
         5. Supports & organizes school involvement activities of teachers, students and parents, including attending after school activities
         6. Communicates with school/community groups through newsletters, school programs, newspaper coverage, school handbooks.
         7. Focuses attention on student performance:
               a. Analyzes & utilizes data to target areas of academic improvement.
               b. Sets & upholds behavior standards.
               c. Interacts with students in a variety of situations.
               d. Coordinates & schedules student services, special education transportation services and  all other related agencies.
               e. Maintains accurate student cumulative information & ensures its proper use.
               f. Maintains accurate child accounting & attendance records.
         8. Supervises & evaluates personnel:
              a. Manages office staff personnel
              b. Determines personnel needs.
              c. Assists in recruitment, selection & orientation of personnel.
              d. Completes classroom visits & observations.
              e. Conducts an evaluation process with all personnel according to district & state tenure policies, rules & procedures.
              f. Administers due process procedures when disciplining personnel.
             g. Facilitate new teacher meetings and mentor/mentee meetings
             h. Schedules & monitors responsibilities delegated to personnel.
              i. Provides professional development opportunities for staff.
         9. Coordinates functions of a business nature which assist delivery of curriculum & instruction.
              a. Inventories, selects, orders & disperses supplies and equipment.
              b. Builds a budget which support the building personnel equipment & supply needs.
              c. Evaluates the condition of the building and grounds according to educational health, safety and aesthetic standards.
              d. Initiates changes in use, renovation & updating of the building.
         10. Attends monthly Jackson County Principal meetings and is a member of the following:
              a. Jackson County Instructional Council
              b. Jackson County drug Summit Committee
              c. Senior College Scholarship Committee
              d. Wall of Fame Committee
          11. District Sex Education Committee Coordinator
          12. Special Education Building Coordinator 7th– 12th grade
          13. Curriculum Coordinator 7th– 12th grade
          14. McKinney Vento Liaison
          15. Jackson College Career Readiness Task Force Facilitator
          16. Updates personal knowledge through classes, workshops, conferences, etc.
          17. Performs other duties as assigned by the Superintendent of Schools.
          18. Agrees to perform all duties in a competent and efficient manner.

    TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: At will employment. Work begins fifteen (15) days prior to the first staff day on the staff school calendar continuing through every staff day, plus fifteen (15) days after the last staff day, for 8hrs/day. Sr High, Jr High, and Assistant Principals will share coverage of the building between the hours of 7:00am and 4:00pm

    PAY RANGE: $92,500 - $98,500

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  • (1) Special Education Aide for HS Students – Classroom Support

    Classification:  (1) Special Education Aide for HS Students – Classroom Support

    Building:  Jr/Sr High School

    Hours:  6.5 hrs/day, Mon-Fri                                  

    Minimum Requirements & Qualifications:  As per MCESP Labor Agreement

    Rate of Pay:  As per MCESP Labor Agreement

    Procedure: Send a letter of application to the attention of the Superintendent.

    Posting Expiration:  Until filled

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  • Bus Driver


    Notice of Vacancy

     Classification:   1 – Bus Driver – Jr/Sr High School & Elementary Run

                                                    6:00 AM – 8:30 AM M-F (times may vary)

                                                    2:00 PM – 4:30 PM M-F (times may vary)

     Building:  All Buildings

    Minimum Requirements & Qualifications: CDL (Will Train); Federal Background Check; DOT Physical

    Rate of Pay:   $17.09/hr-Regular Route:  $12/hr-Additional Trips

    Procedure:   Letter of application to the attention of the Superintendent

    Posting Expiration

    Date:  Until Filled

    Date Available to Start:     2021/2022 School Year


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  • Interested in working as a Substitute Teacher?

    Please apply using the following instructions:

    1. Go to EDUStaff
    1. Top left hand corner, click on "Start Application"
    2. Complete the online application

    Questions or concerns? Call EDUStaff at 877.974.6338




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