• Dear Michigan Center School District Staff, Students, Parents, Community Members, and Visitors,

    We are very proud of the achievements of our district over the past several years. We have earned AYP in all three of our buildings as well as at the District level for many years consecutively. This type of achievement is the result of the hard work of all staff, students, parents, and community members who support the great work of our District. A point of emphasis from our Board of Education is continuing to establish, maintain and grow relationships across our District and in our community. Our commitment to the Cradle 2 Career (C2C) Network is exhibited by our efforts to continue the Energizing Education Mentoring Program at Arnold. 

    The Energizing Education Program provides additional support for students in the area of Language Arts with an emphasis on Reading. Mentors from local businesses and the community will commit to meeting with a student for two one half hour sessions per week to encourage and support the development of their student's reading skills.  This program also provides more opportunities for our community members to become more active stakeholders in our District.

    As a district we will continue to invest in the district wide implementation of The Nurtured Heart Approach. This approach focuses on meeting the needs of our students and concentrating on the positive efforts each student is making. The goal of The Nurtured Heart Approach is to provide an atmosphere across our District, in all departments, that is conducive and supportive of our students and staff.

    Along with the Nurtured Heart Approach our commitment to the use of instructional technology helps to provide students with many learning opportunities using a variety of mediums. From the use of iPods/iPads in our Reading Recovery support classes at the elementary, to the student created, edited, and published daily announcements at the high school, Michigan Center students are provided opportunities every day to explore using technology to further their learning. A near 1:1 environment exists at our K-6 grade levels with a variety of devices (iPads, Chromebooks, Kindles) available to our students reflective of 21st Century technology.

    As a district, we are committed to not only supporting our students inside and outside of the classroom and providing a variety of learning opportunities using many different types of technology, but we also fully understand that learning begins and ends with the instructional strategies used by our teachers in the classroom.  The main focus for our administration and teachers will always be the development of quality lesson plans using research based instructional strategies that align with the Common Core Curriculum. An emphasis on higher level thinking skills and application are the top two characteristics of the curriculum that will be expected of our staff and students as we continue moving forward with its implementation.

    Please feel free to contact me via phone or e-mail if you should have any questions.

    Scott Koziol


    Michigan Center School District

    (517) 764 – 5778 Scott.koziol@mccardinals.org


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    The mission of Michigan Center School District is to engage, challenge and motivate life-long learners towards excellence through innovation.

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