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MC Nurtured Heart

                     The Nurtured Heart Approach 
Michigan Center Schools was the first school district in Jackson County to implement The Nurtured Heart Approach and the first ever to expand it to include grades K-12. Each of our schools use a philosophy and behavioral approach that builds children’s inner wealth so they learn to make good choices and create fulfilling lives for themselves. The approach energizes interactions with students when their behavior is appropriate, and de-energizes interactions with students when their behavior is inappropriate. 
Nurtured Heart is based on three stands, pursuing the positive, strict calm enforcement of rules, and prevention of negative leaks. Teachers and staff pursue the positive by giving very specific praise to students’ success. There is no “small” or “insignificant” success; we attempt to honor all of our students for their efforts. 
The second stand is “No Negative Leaks”. Students want your energy, and they will get it whether it is positive or negative. When negative behaviors are energized through the negative leaks, students will continue to seek energy through those behaviors. When negative leaks are eliminated, creating problems become unnecessary as a way to gain relationships. 

Strict calm enforcement of rules is the third stand of Nurtured Heart. Students know that the rules are the rules, and they are going to be enforced consistently, calmly and strictly. Consequences are brief and devoid of energy.