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Michigan Center Schools Online Library System

How to use the Michigan Center Schools' Online Library System

Late, Damaged or Lost Materials

Late Materials Policy

Elementary Library Policy:

The Arnold and Keicher Libraries do not charge late fees. Books are requested to be returned on time and students are not allowed to check any further materials out until what is late is returned.

The Jr/Sr High School Late book policy:

  • 10 cents per day that a book is late, with holidays, weekends, and other days the library is closed  for any reason being exempted
  • IF a student pays the fee the day the book is returned, the fee is cut in half
  • The maximum late charge for a book is $5.00

Damaged Books Policy

(applies to all district libraries)

Please bring all damage to the attention of the check out desk to avoid being charged for damage.

Damage may include:

  • Missing pages or inserts
  • Broken spine
  • Dried water stains
  • Pen or highlighter marks
  • Torn covers

If a book is returned damaged, you may be charged for repair or replacement.

Lost Books Policy

If a book is lost, please contact the check out desk to make arrangements for replacement.