MCHS Yearbook

Senior Pictures by Lifetouch:

To assist you with the cost of your child’s senior year, Michigan Center High School has made arrangements to have Lifetouch offer special packages for seniors. ALL students are expected to have a senior photo taken by Lifetouch in a separate, more formal setting on a designated date (please watch the Jr/Sr High calendar and the announcements for that date) so that they all have the opportunity to have their photo appear in their senior yearbook and the class composite which hangs outside the office. This sitting will be provided free of charge to all seniors with no purchase required. Should you choose to purchase, specially priced packages are available.

Students will still have the ability to submit work from other photographers for the yearbook, however, to provide for greater consistency in color and layout, no outside photos can be accepted for the composite. No Exceptions!!!!!

Yearbook Photo Requirements:

Seniors may also choose to have their portraits taken at any area photographer. However, those photos MUST be submitted on time to be used in the yearbook.

The studio should supply a digital image if possible (please have it emailed to Mrs. Van de Water at but please be sure to check that it was received). 

The student should check with the photographer to verify whose responsibility it is to provide the photograph to the yearbook staff. The studio may take care of this, or they may expect you to.

If an inappropriate picture or no picture is turned in, the photo taken by Lifetouch will be used in the senior section of the Cardinal Yearbook.

The deadline to turn in outside photos for the yearbook is December 1st.

Recommended Dress:

  • Guys - Neat, clean appearance. Dress Shirt and tie (suit coat is optional). Hair should be neat as stray hairs are difficult to retouch.
  • Gals - Plain colored garments with an attractive neckline. Short sleeves or sleeveless tops are not recommended.


ALL seniors will be photographed by Lifetouch on the designated date so we can ensure we have a consistent photo of everyone for inclusion in the composite. Lifetouch will use those photos taken by their photographers to create the composite (poster with all seniors outside of office). Submission of a photo taken by another photographer cannot be allowed.