What is the Jackson County Employability P.A.C.T.?Jackson County PACT Logo

Jackson County Intermediate School District applied for the Marshall Plan grant through the State of Michigan, and were one of nine that were awarded in the state! We are using a portion of the funding to roll out a soft skill assessment to our Jackson County high school students, starting in 9th grade.

Below is the Employability P.A.C.T. Competency and Proficiency Criteria that the students will be rated on from 9th – 12th grade. In each class, they will receive a rating from 1 to 4 (4 being exemplary) in Personal Management (P), Adaptability (A), Communication (C), Teamwork and Collaboration (T) = P.A.C.T.

Senior Year PACT Validation ProcessBy the middle of their senior year, if the student has received a score of a 3 or 4 in all competencies and proficiencies (listed above), and has met the attendance requirement (see table below); they are invited to sign up for a mock interview. In order to sign up for the mock interview, the student must bring a copy of their resume (in-person) to their Work Based Learning Coordinator at their school.

Why Students Need This?

The end result? If seniors “pass” the mock interview with high marks, they will be validated and given the following:

● P.A.C.T. certification medal to wear at graduation

● a letter of recommendation endorsed by Jackson Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise Group, JAMA, Jackson College and Career Access Center, Michigan Works! Southeast, Jackson Cradle to Career, Jackson Community Foundation, Junior Achievement, and JCISD.

● business community will be publicly notified of P.A.C.T. validated seniors This initiative is a hopeful solution to the many cries from employers saying our youth need training in soft skills.

Attendance Criteria for P.A.C.T. Validation

Exemplary 4 Proficient 3 Needs Work 2 Not Evident 1

0 Unexcused Absences

6*Tardies 1st Period for the year

0 Tardies for the rest of the day

4 Total Unexcused Absences

6 Tardies 1st Period

4 Tardies for the rest of the day

10 Total Unexcused Absences

10 Unexcused Tardies 1st Period

6 Unexcused Tardies for the rest of the day

11 or more Unexcused Absences

11 or more unexcused Tardies 1st Period

7 or more Unexcused Tardies for the rest of the day

Created by the Jackson County Talent Consortium April 2019