Graduation Requirements



  • The minimum number of credits needed for graduation from MC is 23.
  • One-half credit is given per semester for each class successfully completed.
  • One and one-half credits are given per semester for each regular shift completed at the Jackson Area Career Center (may attend your Junior and Senior year)

Graduation Requirements

The following classes must be successfully completed to meet graduation requirements:

Required Classes

  • 8 semesters of English which include:
    • English 9
    • English 10
    • English 11
    • English 12
  • 8 semesters of Mathematics
    • Algebra I 
    • Geometry 
    • Algebra II 
    • Senior math class (student choice) 
  • 6 semesters of Science
    • Physical Science (9th)
    •  Biology (10th)
    • Physics or Chemistry (11th OR 12th)
  • 1 semester of Physical Education
    • PE requirement can be waived if the student is a member of the High School Marching Band for at least two years.
  • 1 semester of Health
  • 6 semesters of Social Studies
    • US History/Geography
    • Civics - one semester
    • Economics - one semester
    • World History/Geography
  • 4 semesters of a Foreign Language (same language for 4 semesters) 
    • OR 2 semesters of a Foreign Language and 2 years at the Jackson Area Career Center
  • 2 semesters Visual, Performing or Applied Arts (ie. Drama, choir, band, art, graphics class from career center, etc)
  • Electives: additional classes a student will take to reach the 23 credit requirement.